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Helena Revisited: Cross and Myth
Jan Willem Drijvers, University of Groningen, Summer Fellow 2009
The Impact of Hesychasm on the Ecclesiastical and Political Life of the Southern Slavs during the Fourteenth Century
Ilias Evangelou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Summer Fellow 2009
Weaving Christ’s Body: Clothing, Femininity, and Sexuality in the Marian Imagery of Byzantium
Maria Evangelatou, University of California, Santa Cruz, Fellow 2009–2010
The Formation of Constantinople as a Sacred Center
Sarah E. Insley, Harvard University, Junior Fellow 2009–2010
All the World’s Knowledge: Geography and Literature in Late Antiquity
Scott Johnson, Washington and Lee University, Fellow 2009–2010
Slavery in Late Antiquity
Noel Lenski, University of Colorado at Boulder, Fellow 2009–2010
Ideology and Rhetoric in Manuel Ⅱ Palaiologos’s Texts
Florin Leonte, Central European University, Junior Fellow 2009–2010
Imperial Ceremonial in Palaiologan Constantinople
Ruth Macrides, University of Birmingham, Fellow 2009–2010, Spring
Political Power and Imperial Governance: The Transformation of the Imperial Office in the Later Roman Empire, ca. 367–527
Meaghan McEvoy, British School at Rome/University of Oxford, Fellow 2009–2010, Fall
Hellenistic Phantasia and Its Iconophile Offsprings
Aglae Pizzone, University of Milan, Summer Fellow 2009
Literature and Society in the Reign of Andronikos II Palaiologos: An Examination of the Letter-Collection of Nikephoros Choumnos
Alexander Riehle, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Junior Fellow 2009–2010
Research on Sources Relating to the Topography of Ancient Antioch in Syria
Catherine Saliou, Université de Paris 8, Summer Fellow 2009
Trade Connections of Chersonesos (Cherson) in the Eighth–Fourteenth Centuries on the Basis of Ceramic Finds
Larysa Sedikova, National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, Summer Fellow 2009
Byzantine Seals with Family Names in Dumbarton Oaks
Werner Seibt, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Summer Fellow 2009
The Earliest Life of the Virgin: The First English Translation from the Old Georgian
Stephen J. Shoemaker, University of Oregon, Summer Fellow 2009
Inventing Monasticism
Columba Stewart, Saint John’s University, Fellow 2009–2010
Religion of the Book? Christians and their Books in Late Antiquity, a Cultural History
Martin Wallraff, University of Basel, Fellow 2009–2010, Spring
In the Shadow of the Sphinx: Pharaonic Sacred Space in the Coptic Imagination
Jennifer Westerfeld, University of Chicago, Junior Fellow 2009–2010
War, Violent Spectacle, and Political Authority in the Pre-Columbian Andes
Elizabeth Arkush, University of Virginia, Fellow 2009–2010
The Shape of God’s Voice: A Study of Form, Organization, and Functioning of the Oracles in the Ancient Andean World
Marco Curatola-Petrocchi, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Fellow 2009–2010
Kamayuq in the Service of Capac and Crown
Lisa DeLeonardis, Johns Hopkins University, Summer Fellow 2009
The Architecture of Social Encounters: Plazas and Platforms in the Southern Moche State
Jorge Gamboa Velásquez, University of Montreal, Summer Fellow 2009
Exploring Warfare and Slave Capturing on Period Ⅵ in Lower Central America
Eugenia Ibarra, University of Costa Rica, Summer Fellow 2009
Maya Conceptions of History in a Mesoamerican Perspective
Federico Navarrete Linares, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Summer Fellow 2009
Gender Performances in the Initial Series Group at Chichén Itzá
Matthew Looper, California State University, Chico, Summer Fellow 2009
Picturing Place: Terminal Classic Mural Painting in the Northern Maya Lowlands
Victoria Lyall, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Summer Fellow 2009
Tambo Colorado: A Coastal Inca Settlement
Jean-Pierre Protzen, University of California, Berkeley, Fellow 2009–2010, Fall
Religion and Political Legitimacy: A Stylistic, Iconographic, and Contextual Analysis of Postclassic Huastec Sculpture
Kim Richter, University of California, Los Angeles, Junior Fellow 2009–2010, Fall
Land Grant Painted Maps: Native Artists’ Agency and Defense of Communal Heritage in Sixteenth-Century New Spain
Ana Pulido Rull, Harvard University, Junior Fellow 2009–2010
Chinchorro in the Context of the Cultural and Environmental History of Pre-Columbian Arica in Northern Chile
Calogero Santoro, Universidad Tarapacá de Arica, Fellow 2009–2010
Comparative Understanding of Peripheral Urban Gardens and Garden Functions
Barbara Stark, Arizona State University, Fellow 2009–2010
The Gardens of Versailles during the Early Reign of Louis ⅩⅣ: Three Studies
Thomas F. Hedin, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Summer Fellow 2009
The Force of Flowers: Bringing the Outdoors In at Versailles
Nicole Jeanne Cuenot, Columbia University, Summer Fellow 2009
Consuming Landscapes: The View from the Road in the United States and Germany, 1920–1970
Thomas Zeller, University of Maryland, Fellow 2009–2010
Conservation of Historic Gardens in India: The Florence Charter on Historic Gardens Illustrated, Expanded, and Critiqued
Priyaleen Singh, School of Planning and Architecture, Summer Fellow 2009–2010
Converging Landscapes: The Representation of Place in Latin American Colonial Painting
Luisa Elena Alcalá, NYU in Madrid, New York University, Fellow 2009–2010, Fall
Wild Flowers: African and African Diaspora Landscapes and the Cultural Politics of Garden Ideologies
Grey Gundaker, Department of Anthropology, College of William and Mary, Fellow 2009–2010
Wilderness Nation: Building Canada’s Railway Landscapes, 1884–1929
Elsa Lam, Columbia University, Junior Fellow 2009–2010, Spring
Creating the Kangxi Landscape: Gardens and the Mediation of Qing Imperial Identity at Bishu Shanzhuang
Stephen Whiteman, Stanford University, Junior Fellow 2009–2010
The Serviceable Ghost: The Forgotten Role of the Gardener in England from 1600 to 1730
Sally O’Halloran, University of Sheffield, Summer Fellow 2009