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Andronikos Kamateros’s Sacred Arsenal: Critical Edition, Translation, and Commentary
Alessandra Bucossi, Genova, Italy, Fellow 2007–2008
Theodore Metochites’ Commentary on Aristotle’s De anima: Critical Edition with an English Translation
Börje Bydén, Göteborg University, Fellow 2007–2008
Late Antique Floor Mosaics in Constantinople before the Great Palace
Örgü Dalgıç, New York University, Junior Fellow 2007–2008
The Tradition of the Byzantine Translator’s Preface
Elizabeth A. Fisher, George Washington University, Fellow 2007–2008
Catalogue of Greek Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Collections of the United States of America
Nadezhda F. Kavrus-Hoffmann, Glenmont, NY, Fellow 2007–2008, Fall
Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary of the Unpublished Works of Athanasios Ⅰ, Patriarch of Constantinople
Emmanouil Patedakis, University of Crete, Fellow 2007–2008
Byzantine Icons Collection in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Yuri Pyatnitsky, State Hermitage Museum, Fellow 2007–2008
Common Causes: The Social World of Guilds and Associations in Roman and Late Antique Egypt
Philip Venticinque, University of Chicago, Junior Fellow 2007–2008
Environmental History of the Maya Lowlands: Ecology, Sustainability and Society from the Pleistocene to the Present
Timothy Beach, Georgetown University, Fellow 2007–2008
Building Time: The Origins of Dynastic Kingship in the Maya Lowlands
Charles Golden, Brandeis University, Fellow 2007–2008
An Archaeological Perspective on the Colonial Encounter at Lamanai and Tipu
Elizabeth Graham, University College London, Fellow 2007–2008
In the Land of the Turtle Lords: Classic Maya Civilization and Urban Life at Piedras Negras, Guatemala
Stephen D. Houston, Brown University, Fellow 2007–2008
The Archaeology of Inca Origins: A Study of Second Generation State Formation of the Andes
Gordon F. McEwan, Wagner College, Fellow 2007–2008
The Power of Place: Landscape and Identity in Classic Maya Art, Architecture, and Inscriptions
Alexandre Tokovinine, Harvard University, Junior Fellow 2007–2008, Spring
Architecture, Landscape, and the Archaic State
Alexei Vranich, University of Pennsylvania, Fellow 2007–2008
Folklore and Forest Fragments
Peter Jacobs, Université de Montréal, Canada, Beatrix Farrand Distinguished Fellow 2007–2008, Spring
The Design of Tang Imperial Gardens: Tradition, Creativity, and Symbolization
Bo Jiang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fellow 2007–2008
Paolo Bürgi, Cardada
David L. Hays, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fellow 2007–2008
The Relationship between Gardens and Woodblock Prints in Sixteenth-Century Ming China
Yi Wang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fellow 2007–2008, Spring
First, A fence: The Vernacular Cultural Space of Anne Truitt’s Early Sculpture
Miguel de Baca, Harvard University, Junior Fellow 2007–2008