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Application Instructions

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Please read and follow the online instructions. Applications, to be written in English, must be submitted electronically by November 1. Junior Fellowship applicants only must have their university registrar send an official transcript of their graduate record directly to Dumbarton Oaks postmarked by November 1. Three letters of recommendation are required for all applicants. Late applications will not be accepted. Awards will be announced in March and must be accepted by the end of the month. External committees of scholars in the three fields decide the awards. Individuals currently affiliated with Dumbarton Oaks are not eligible for the fellowship program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the System and Browser requirements for using the online application?

System Requirements: Windows NT and above, or OS 8.6 and above.
Supported Browsers:Campus Embark is compatible with all browsers; Chrome and Firefox are recommended.
Other requirements: Adobe Reader or other software to view PDF files; Excel for Project Grant Applications.

How can I get technical support?

Applicants should refer to the Embark Application Support page which will aid you in navigating any technical problems that arise. To access the page, click on the “Help” tab on the bottom right of the application page.

This will take you to the Embark Application Support page where you can “Submit a Request” detailing the issue or email the Technical Support team directly at

How do I submit my application?

  • Click the SAVE button each time you leave a screen.
  • You may work on your application in as many sessions as you wish. Once you are satisfied that your application is complete, we recommend that you print a hard copy for your records. Then, go to the SUBMIT APPLICATION screen and select SUBMIT APPLICATION.

After you have SUBMITTED, you can log back in to view your application and the status of your letters of recommendation, however no changes can be made.

Note: Once an application is submitted and received by the Fellowship Program, it can no longer be modified. If you need to modify any information, please write to

My recommenders are having problems submitting their letter of recommendation. What is causing the problem?

It may be due to a browser incompatibility issue. The Embark Tech Support Team strongly recommends using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox to access the online recommendation website. You can also contact the Embark Tech Support Team directly at

Recommenders who continue to encounter problems with submitting their letters of recommendation online AFTER contacting Embark, may email their letters directly to the Manager of Academic Programs at

Where should my transcripts be sent?

Emily Gulick Jacobs
Manager of Academic Programs
Dumbarton Oaks
1703 32nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

Phone: (202) 339-6400 ext. 6413
Fax: (202) 339-6416