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Administration and Staff

Trustees for Harvard University

Lawrence S. Bacow, President

James W. Breyer

Kenneth I. Chenault

Paul J. Finnegan

Susan L. Graham

William F. Lee

Biddy Martin

Jessica Tuchman Mathews

Karen Gordon Mills

Penny Pritzker

David M. Rubenstein

Shirley M. Tilghman

Theodore V. Wells, Jr.


Executive Committee for Harvard University

Thomas B. F. Cummins, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of the History of Pre-Columbian and Colonial Art

Ioli Kalavrezou, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Byzantine Art

Robin Kelsey, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Shirley Carter Burden Professor of Photography, Ex Officio

Michael Puett, Walter C. Klein Professor of Chinese History; Chair of the Committee on the Study of Religion

Mathilda van Es, Associate Dean for Administration for Arts and Humanities, Ex Officio

Jan M. Ziolkowski, Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Medieval Latin; Director of the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Ex Officio


Honorary Affiliates

Susan Boyd, Curator of the Byzantine Collection, 1979–2004

Giles Constable, Director, 1977–1984



Jan Ziolkowski, Director

Yota Batsaki, Executive Director

Pallavi Jain, Human Resources Director

Erica Bogese, Communications Manager

Marlee Clayton, Senior Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator

Nicole Eddy, Managing Editor, Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library 

Susannah Italiano, Events Manager

Emily Jacobs, Manager of Academic Programs

Isabel McGrory-Klyza, Events Assistant

Courtney Randolph, Executive Assistant

Kristina RoyalHuman Resources Specialist

Valerie Stains, Artistic Director, Music at Dumbarton Oaks



Eric McGeer, Consultant for Byzantine Sigillography



Anna Stavrakopoulou, Resident Program Director for Byzantine Studies

Eden Slone, Program Coordinator for Byzantine Studies

Senior Fellows

John Duffy, Chair

Dimiter Angelov

Elizabeth Bolman

Ioli Kalavrezou

Derek Krueger

Ruth Macrides



John BeardsleyProgram Director for Garden and Landscape Studies

Taylor Johnson, Rare Book Collection Assistant

Jane Padelford, Program Coordinator in Garden and Landscape Studies

Anatole Tchikine, Curator of Rare Books, Garden and Landscape Studies

Thaïsa Way, Research Associate

Senior Fellows

Sonja Dümpelmann

Georges Farhat, Chair

Kathryn Gleason

Ron Henderson

Elizabeth Meyer

John Pinto



Colin McEwan, Director of Pre-Columbian Studies

Adrianne Varitimidis, Program Coordinator for Pre-Columbian Studies

Senior Fellows

Tamara Bray

Kenneth Hirth

Diana Magaloni

Patricia McAnany

Barbara Mundy

John Verano, Chair



Alan Dirican, Director of Facilities 

Manuel Delgado, Assistant Director of Facilities

Andrea Wilbourn, Facilities Project Manager


Mario García, Facilities and Services Coordinator

J. David Cruz-Delgado, Events and Services Coordinator

Bryan Anderson, Building Assistant

Noel Gabitan, Building Assistant

Tafara Gadson, Building Assistant

Jose Luis Guerrero, Building Assistant

Bishnu Khanal, Building Assistant

José Pineda, Building Assistant


Marco Bellot, Chief Engineer

Kenneth Johnson, Senior Building Engineer

Michael Neal, Mechanical Maintenance Technician


Hector Paz, Executive Chef Manager

Deysi M. Escobar-Ventura, Refectory Assistant

Dominador Salao, Kitchen Assistant



Gayatri Saxena, Director of Finance

Jackson Lee, Manager, Financial Operations

Elizabeth Finley, Financial Assistant

Dina Haiderzad, Staff Accountant

Jonathan Lee, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator



Jonathan Kavalier, Director of Gardens and Grounds

Ricardo Aguilar, Gardener

Austin Ankers, Gardener

Miguel Bonilla, Crew Leader

Melissa Brizer, Greenhouse Specialist

Rigoberto Castellon, Crew Leader

Kimberly Frietze, Administrative Assistant

Walter Howell, Gardener

Luis Marmol, Gardener

Donald Mehlman, Gardener

Pedro Paulino, Gardener

Manuel Pineda, Crew Leader

Marc Vedder, Integrated Pest Management Specialist



Charlotte Johnson, Information Technology Director

Gregory Blakey, Client Support Technician

Janaki Reddi, Database Developer

Komlan Segbedji, System Engineer



Daniel Boomhower, Director of Library

Kimball Clark, Cataloger

Vickie Crawley, Serials Assistant

Ingrid Gibson, Interlibrary Loan Librarian

Wendy Johnson, Cataloger

Sarah Mackowski, Acquisitions Assistant

Sandra Parker-Provenzano, Head Cataloger

Sarah B. Pomerantz, Serials and Acquisitions Librarian

Joshua Robinson, Byzantine Studies Librarian

Bettina Smith, Manager, Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives

Toni Stephens, Library Assistant

Alyson Williams, Reader Services Librarian



Elizabeth Dospel Williams, Assistant Curator, Byzantine Collection

Joni Joseph, Museum Collections Manager and Registrar

Joseph Mills, Photographer

Cécile Morrisson, Advisor for Byzantine Numismatics

Juan Antonio Murro, Assistant Curator, Pre-Columbian Collection

Ellen Richardson, Manager of Exhibitions 

Jonathan Shea, Assistant Curator of Coins and Seals

Patti L. Sheer, Museum Shop Manager



Kathy Sparkes, Director of Publications

Claire Aelion-Moss, Editor I

Sara Taylor, Managing Editor, Art and Archaeology

Lain Wilson, Digital Content Manager



Kenneth Calvert, Director of Security